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Rhett Miller More Open About Suicide Attempt Because Of Kids - Music News

Posted on February 07, 2017 by Ikhsal
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Rhett Miller More Open About Suicide Attempt Because Of Kids - Music News

Country singer Rhett Miller was keen to open up about his past suicide attempt because his children are now at the age he was when he tried to take his life.

The Old 97's star, who attempted to kill himself when he was 14 years old, explains his work with various suicide prevention organisations over the years prompted him to speak out about his issues - because he wants to erase the stigma attached to it. He also reveals his children served as an inspiration to talk about what he went through.

"I only have a few more years left of having kids who live in my house, so it sort of feels like now I'm in the thickest thick of it," he tells Rolling Stone. "I'm looking at my son, who's the same age I was when I tried real hard to kill myself. Fortunately, I don't think he's having to traverse as tricky a minefield of emotion or mental health issues as I did at his age, but it's still hard."

Miller also reveals fellow singer Jason Isbell pushed him to come forward about his sobriety battle after quitting drinking alcohol three years ago.

"Jason Isbell has told me over the years how useful it would be if I were to talk about it in public," he says. "My sobriety is not something I've talked about in the press at any length. I wonder if I'm reaching a point where I'll feel comfortable talking about it without feeling too self-conscious."

"I've been sober the last three and a half years and I feel like it was definitely a part of wanting to take care of myself, wanting to love myself - but also maybe me recognising a few years ago that I was headed in a bad direction, back towards a place I thought I'd come out of," he continues.